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A Few Facts

1. There are strong indications that widespread coordinated voter fraud took place during the election, affecting the outcome in several states, to include GA, PA, MI, WI, NC, and VA. The level of fraud potentially affected the presidential race, as well as down ballot contests, including several Senate races.
The indicators include everything from lost and found ballots, precincts with more votes than registered voters, reports from USPS employees of tampering with postmarks, etc. These claims have not been investigated yet, but have been dismissed by the mainstream media, often employing the flimsiest of explanations.

2. There are strong indications that fraud also occurred and is occurring during the counting process. These indicators include improbable voter turnout levels, improbable vote distribution, removal of poll watchers from the counting process. Suspending counting overnight, then announcing new totals first thing in the morning, etc.

3. None of the indicators have been investigated, which means they are neither demonstrably true nor false. They cannot be dismissed; nor can they be advanced as proof. They must be investigated, openly and transparently, in order tp try and inject some level of trust in our electoral system.

4. The highest priority right now is not to determine who won the election; it is to validate the election process so that, once the end result is determined, we the people will have faith in the system that ensures a peaceful transition of power every four years. If that faith is lost, then so is the nation.

5. That faith has been under deliberate attack over the last two decades or more. From the election of George W. Bush through to today, every election has been dogged with claims that the winner was illegitimate. Claims have come from the right and the left, and the never ending stream of corrosive attacks have weakened the American people’s faith in the electoral process. If they cease to believe that the President was fairly selected in an honest election, then the social contract that tells us that government power is derived from the will of the people has been irrevocably broken.

6. Once that trust is broken, America is over.

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