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Shop Locally? I Don’t Think So!

CC: (Scans a few items, stopping at some sheets.) Oh, these are just darling! They are going to look so good on the baby’s bed. Boy or girl?
CU: A girl. We’re going to name her Jessica after my husband’s mother. I wanted to name her after my grandmother, but my husband didn’t think ‘Mildred’ was a good name for a girl. Too old fashioned.
CC: Hmph! Men. Mildred may be a touch out of date, but shorten it to Millie and it’s Thoroughly Modern! Get it? Thoroughly Modern Millie? I crack myself up.
CU: (mumbles)Yeah, I got it. And it’s sorta why he didn’t want the name. I’m starting to see his point.
CC: What honey?
CU: Oh, just that there’s no point in arguing. Besides, it scores points with the mother-in-law.