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My State of the Union Address

My version of the SOTU I’d give. Should be something in here to offend just about everybody.

In Search of Masculinity:Pt1

I’ve posted a couple of times on the Gillette ad and an answering ad from Egard watches. I’ve explained my objections to the Gillette ad and why I think the Egard ad is not only more effective as an advertisement, but as a call to action as well. And now, I want to dig a little bit deeper into this
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Making a Case. And a Sale.

Two different sales models. Gillette highlights the worst that men do, says it describes all of us, and hectors us to “do better”, ignoring the fact that most of us are already doing better than the examples laid out in the ad. It’s designed to make us feel that we lack something and must change our basic nature in order
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Bipartisanship in DC: Tit for Tat Politics

Speaker Pelosi gigs President Trump regarding the State of the UNion Address

Razors and Masculinity: Creating a False Perception of Reality

What can an ad tell us about gender roles and relationships? It turns out, not much.

Moral Truth vs Facts: A New Disguise for the Ends Justifying the Means

Is it bad to use deception in service of a higher moral truth? Can that even be done?

Borders, Walls, and Immigration Reform: Embrace the Power of ‘And.’

We need a wall. We also need a gate. How can we get both?

Dancing in the Blood of Paris

A family member asked me what I thought of this article. It, like it’s author, is ten pounds of crap stuffed in a 5 pound sack. Throughout the article (details to follow), Claire Bernish shows us just how shallow we are while she, poor thing, is drenched in mourning for all the oppressed and victimized people of the world. The
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