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My State of the Union Address

My version of the SOTU I’d give. Should be something in here to offend just about everybody.

Making a Case. And a Sale.

Two different sales models. Gillette highlights the worst that men do, says it describes all of us, and hectors us to “do better”, ignoring the fact that most of us are already doing better than the examples laid out in the ad. It’s designed to make us feel that we lack something and must change our basic nature in order
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“I’m dying,” she whispered. “I know,” I said. The antiseptic walls of the hospital room sucked all the color out of the room. White, impersonal, easy to disinfect, an expanse of blankness broken by the chrome of the bed rails and an old tube style television in the corner tuned to Jeopardy, her husband’s favorite show. The show was muted.The
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Happy New Year!

In which your humble narrator explains his reasons for dusting off the old blog and reviving it.

How To Avoid Being ‘That Guy’ at a Theme Park

Don’t be that guy. You know, the one that get’s talked about on the way home? AS in, “I can’t believe the nerve of that guy! Who does he think he is?”

Gratitude or Attitude?

Here’s a tough one. Say you do something nice for somebody; could be big, might be small. But you go out of your way to do them a favor. And they either take it for granted, or worse, complain about it. That ungrateful SOB! Just see if I do anything for them ever again! But wait a minute. Let’s think
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Color My Finger Blue! I Voted for the Hugo!

I have voted for the Hugos for the first time in my life. For those of my friends who aren’t geeks, the Hugo is a fan voted award (think ‘People’s Choice Award’) given to the best works in science fiction and fantasy for the year. Given that the works are nominated and voted on by any fan willing to cough
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Customer Service Don’ts, Or Why We Dropped Our Home Security Provider

To start with, I goofed. When we enrolled with our provider (not naming names so HSP)HSP, I set up auto pay using a debit card that expired a couple of months later. The card expired, the billing fell behind and HSP cut off/cancelled our service. I noticed the trouble light on the alarm pad and called in to find out
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Cold Fusion is Not a Myth; It’s a Brewery!

A new microbrewery is about to start up in Knoxville, run by thee of my sons, Adam, Isaac, and Luke. Our family drinks far more than its share of beer; it’s about time we start giving it back!

CONclusion: At Last the Long Winded Bugger is Through!

This is part 5 of an increasingly ineptly named trilogy of posts. Follow the links for Part 1, Part 2a, Part 2b, and Part 2c This is the last part of my AAR report on LibertyCon so let us all bow our heads in thankful silence. The picture is not one you would normally associate with LibertyCon, but if you
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