Bipartisanship in DC: Tit for Tat Politics

Speaker Pelosi gigs President Trump regarding the State of the UNion Address

Tech Review: VR Games

Reviewing four VR games on the Vive, including Beat Saber, Audioshield, The Lab, and Drunk or Dead.

Razors and Masculinity: Creating a False Perception of Reality

What can an ad tell us about gender roles and relationships? It turns out, not much.

Moral Truth vs Facts: A New Disguise for the Ends Justifying the Means

Is it bad to use deception in service of a higher moral truth? Can that even be done?

Hooray for New Math

First, watch the following video on Common core multiplication. Pretty ridiculous right? What a crazily complicate way to do simple multiplication. The lady made coffee, and let her dog out to play after solving the problem in the same amount of time it took the teacher to solve it. What a waste of time. Except… The video is a crock.
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Tech Review: HTC Vive

The HTC Vive offers one of the best Virtual Reality experiences out there, but it does not come cheap. Or without growing pains.


“I’m dying,” she whispered. “I know,” I said. The antiseptic walls of the hospital room sucked all the color out of the room. White, impersonal, easy to disinfect, an expanse of blankness broken by the chrome of the bed rails and an old tube style television in the corner tuned to Jeopardy, her husband’s favorite show. The show was muted.The
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Borders, Walls, and Immigration Reform: Embrace the Power of ‘And.’

We need a wall. We also need a gate. How can we get both?

Happy New Year!

In which your humble narrator explains his reasons for dusting off the old blog and reviving it.

Football pictures: Eight the Hard Way.

So last Friday night was the opening week of football here in East Tennessee and I was covering a game for the Mountain Press.  The Seymour Eagles travelled to Jonesborough to take on the Pioneers of David Crockett. Seymour had a rough season last year, and this season is off to a rocky start as well, but I captured a
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